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The MG International Export is the leading Peanut Exporter in Gujarat. The Peanut is also known as the Groundnut & its quality is affecting the products in which they are used as ingredients. The India is the leading Exporter of Peanut followed by China. We export our peanuts to countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, etc. are the major importers of Indian peanut.

Peanut Exporters in India

We are the leading Peanut Exporters in India & peanuts processed by our company are consumed in more than 50 countries. The MG International Export provides the best quality of the Ground Peanuts, Blanched Peanuts & Shelled Peanuts which are available in different size which can be chosen as per the requirement. The peanut harvesting mostly takes place between 140 to 150 days & if they are processed by the experts than they can be easily stored for 3 to 12 months very easily. We provide the different types packaged peanuts like vacuum packaging, cocoon packaging, jute packaging, carton box packaging, super sack packaging (which comes in a quantity of 500 to 1000 kg). You can easily choose them as per requirement & best quality peanut at a reasonable price is exported by our company.

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Peanut Exporter in Gujarat

When it comes to peanut production than Gujarat is the leading Peanut Producer in India, & Gujarat alone produces around 40% of peanuts output in the world.The MG International Export is the leading Peanut Exporter in Gujarat. The peanuts are great demands due to their diversified usage. Nothing gets wasted in their usage even the kernel & shell have equal importance. The peanut kernels have many uses & mostly are used in preparation snacks & foods items like Peanut Butter, Peanut Floor, Breakfast Food, Chocolates, Candy, Peanut Sprouts, Nuts Mixture, Roasted Peanuts Snacks, Bakeries Products, Cereals, Peanut Popcorn, Dried Salad Dressing, Sauces, etc. Even, the peanut shell is made up of 60% fiber, 25% cellulose, 8% water, 6% crude & 1% fat & are great renewable sources, which can be used by the fertilizer, paper, food, bio energy, feed industry & can also be used for mulching, plastic, metal casting, composting of wet material, insulation board. We provide total solution related to peanuts, kernel & shell, if have any requirement than we have the best solution for all your requirements.

Peanut Kernels Exporters

Beside for its yummy taste, the peanut kernels are having health benefits like they are a rich source of fiber, protein & fats. Also contain magnesium, vitamins, phosphorus, potassium & vitamins in an adequate amount. They are used in varieties of edible items like peanut butter, peanut oil, peanut proteins, peanut floor, etc. And, they are also used for Industrial application like varnish, paint, insecticides, furniture polish, nitro glycerine, etc. The MG International Export provides the best quality Peanut Kernel in Gujarat & also make it easily available for the international clientele too. We are known for delivering the best quality groundnut kernels which are cleaned, sorted, shelled, graded & finally packed without any kind of human interference or touch. The trust of our customer had made us the topmost Peanut Kernels Exporters in Palanpur.

Mungfali Exporters in India

The Peanut or Arachis hypogaeais mainly grown in the subtropics & tropics region has great global importance due to its wide usage. In local language peanut in known as Mungfali or Singdana which have many edible food items & industrial application. These mungfali are broadly used in India for extraction of the mungfali tel or the groundnut oil, which is used by the Indian for cooking purposes. And, the by-product of the oil extraction is the pressed cake can be used as the cattle feeder. We provide the best mungfali dana which are greatly in demand in the local & international market. The MG International Export is the leading Mungfali Exporters in India.


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Why to Choose MG International Export for Peanuts Exporting?

The stated below are some reason that differentiates us from other peanut exporters & helps you to choose us-

  • Customer focused services
  • We provide transparent oral & written communication for every project
  • Have agreat experience in shipping 50+ countries
  • Involvement of personal management in each shipment
  • We provide live photo & video while processing
  • Have customer feedback for each shipment
  • Stricter quality checking
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Tips for Selecting Best Peanut Exporter in India

We have a great experience in this field & also have served many clients worldwide. We are the leading Peanuts suppliers & exporters in Palanpur who serve best peanut at affordable prices.

  • Must be aware of exporters experience & market presence
  • Must understand exporters company & work ethics
  • Product pricing
  • In depth knowledge regarding sourcing & quality of products
  • Providing physical visit or video calling facility
  • Participation in tradeshow
  • Will to help without sale expectations


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